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Youth Fund

Folkestone Youth Fund is an example of Youth Bonds. The initial idea was to raise money by public subscription to commemorate the young generation that died in the First World War. Then, the town erected a statue (opposite McDonalds). Youth Bonds are a similar thing, being money given by the public to help finance young people – but a fund instead of a statue.

100 years later, coupled with basic financial literacy, young people are often in need of financing (loans or grants or simply short-term liquidity) to enable them to take charge of their lives or turn a difficult corner. By unfolding their skills and talents they can contribute to the town’s social and economic well-being.

The Fund’s current target is £10,000, of which (October 2020) £4,750 has already been raised.*


If you would like to contribute, please use the button below:


* An ideal target based on the adult population of Folkestone (say, 40,000) each giving £2.50 – the price of a cup of coffee, or half a glass of wine or half a pint of (expensive) beer – would be £100,000 available forever as a revolving fund.

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